When we think of making a 30 second commercial, the traditional response is to get out our storyboard and start planning every aspect.  We want to plan out every second of it, every detail, and every shot.  This takes a ton of time, resources, and of course, money. What if all you needed to do was to set up a beautifully lit interview, ask a few open-ended questions, let you customers do the talking, and get a few shots of them doing something? Wouldn’t that be much easier?

I would expect that people get pretty worried about this approach.  What if they don’t say things the right way?  What if they look terrible on camera?  What if they mumble on camera or say things you can’t use?  What if you can’t create a compelling message out of their interview?  What if the commercial doesn’t communicate what you want to communicate?  This list of worrying questions could go on and on.

All of this worrying doesn’t change the fact that people do not want to be sold to any longer.  That is just the reality of advertising.  People want real, genuine information from real people.  That is music to our ears.  We love the documentary real and genuine way of communicating the essence of a product or service.

So, we convinced our client at Carolina Hearing Doctors to trust us in creating commercials for his business.  Yes, he was worried, because we did not approach it in the typical way. Yes, he doubted his decision as we went along in creating the commercials.  But, he is absolutely thrilled with the end result.  Did it cost a lot less money than the traditional approach? Definitely!  Does the viewer feel sold to? No!  Does it come off genuine and real? Absolutely!  And, hopefully, it makes the viewer want to know more about Carolina Hearing Doctors.  What do you think of their commercial?

We were able to edit this together from their longer testimonial video that will be on their website. Here is their full video: