Video Marketing Tip: How to Use Video to Grow Your Business Part 5

For those companies that have yet to create a professional video, it can seem like an overwhelming task. The good news is that once a video is made, it can seamlessly be integrated into your existing marketing efforts. Here are a few ways that a video can be used:

1) Trade Shows: Your video can be shown on a large screen in your booth or it can be used on an iPad to show to your trade show visitors. Often times, we will take the same video and make several different versions of it. For the large screen, we will remove the speaking parts and add more graphical text to it. That way, people walking past your booth can read the information on the video. For the iPad, we often make a version of the video with more technical information in order to quickly educate the visitor on the company’s products or services.

2) Sales Presentation: When you are fortunate enough to actually get that first meeting with a prospective client, you can show your video as part of your presentation. We always encourage our clients to get a testimonial video created. This type of video works really well in a sales presentation especially when you want them to get to know you and your company better. There is nothing like hearing great things being said about you and your company. One of our clients showed their testimonial video during their sales presentation. After the video finished playing, the prospective client said, “I don’t need to hear the rest of your presentation. You are hired!”

3) Landing Page: Once you get a good sales lead, it’s typical to send that person more information. You can easily send them a link to a landing page about a particular product or service which can have you video embedded right on it.

4) Networking Events: Most of us to belong to at least one networking group. When it’s your turn to present information about your business, you can show your video. It’s a great way to really educate the members so that they can make really good referrals to you.

5) Social Media: Video is great fit for Facebook, Twitter, Linded In, blogging, etc. We recently created a teaser video for a company’s social media campaign letting their followers know that a new video would soon be released.

I think what people may not understand is that all of these videos are really just the same video project. We can easily edit slightly different version of the same video to be used in all of these different ways.

Here is my quick video that goes over these points:

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