As true crime DP (Director of Photography) I have been recording a lot of interviews and B-roll for true crime documentary shows.  This has meant making the lighting much more dark and moody with a large soft key.  I utilize both of my Sony FS7 camera to provide two angle interview shots in 4K and CINE EI S-Log3 format.  

Most of these true crime interviews are conducted by a remote producer.  I have the ability to stream the output of my FS7 back to the producer through Zoom or Teams.  I have a specially built laptop stand to sit right next to camera lens and it has an easily adjustable height to be able to get the correct eye line.  A blue tooth speaker is utilized in order for the interviewee can easily hear the producer’s questions.

I pair the Sony FS7 with XEEN CINE Prime lenses to get crisp looking interviews with a great soft background.  For B-roll shots I can creatively capture dramatic shots with the subtle use of a Dana Dolly for FS7 camera movement.  I also have a Sony a7s II and Ronin S gimbal pair that can be used to capture stabilized walking shots.

It just takes a little more time with the back and forth to send the interviewee interview setup image to the producer and get approval as well as setting up the speakerphone/video conferencing equipment.  Preferably we would need Wifi access at the site to get good Zoom/Teams connections.

We have also have live video streaming capabilities as well if you need to include a person into your virtual conference, meeting, event, broadcast show, or corporate communications network.  

Feel free to get in contact with us if you have any upcoming true crime documentary video shoots where you need an experienced FS7 DP (Director of Photography) in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee or Virginia.