Do you need to find a Sony FS7 camera for a video shoot in North Carolina?

Great news!  We have two Sony FS7 cameras here in NC that we use to help capture the beautiful footage that camera can create.  We use the versatile Sony FS7 for all types of video production projects – Corporate video productions, documentary video productions, broadcast TV show productions, and commercial productions.

The power of the Sony FS7 CINE camera is it’s ability to record in numerous formats of 4K and HD.  We have experience in recording footage with the FS7 in its CINE EI S-Log3 mode to give your editor complete color grading options or in custom mode where very little grading is needed for a quick turn around project.  We can record footage in 24p to give it a slightly more cinematic look or we can record footage in 30p for a cable or broadcast television segment.  All this can be done in 4K or HD resolutions.  

The Sony FS7 camera can also record in “S&Q” or “off speed” mode in which the footage can be recorded in 60p or higher framerate.  This allows for the recording of extra frames and creating some amazing slow motion footage.  Recording “off speed” or slow motion with the Sony FS7 allows for a dramatic effect when recording B-roll.  We have used this slow motion recording capability of the FS7 when recording emotional footage of a person for a documentary or corporate production here in North Carolina.  North Carolina has a lot of water bodies and using slow motion to capture creative B-roll of a subject canoeing, kayaking, boating or swimming in the water has made our clients super happy!

If you are production company that has a video shoot where you need one or two Sony FS7 cameras in the following cities in North Carolina, get in touch with us and we can deliver well-lit in interviews with great audio along with creative B-roll coverage that will make your editor happy.  We record with the Sony FS7 in HD or 4K resolution video shoots in: Charlotte, NC.  Greensboro, NC.  Durham, NC.  RTP, NC.  Raleigh, NC. High Point, NC, Winston-Salem, NC.  Boone, NC, Asheville, NC and anywhere else in between those North Carolina cities.  We also travel easily to the Atlanta area, South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, and West Virginia.  We have travel cases for all our FS7 gear and are able to travel within the United States as well as extensive international FS7 production experience.  

So get in contact with us the next time you need a Sony FS7 camera in North Carolina.  If you have a Sony FS7 shoot in Charlotte, Greensboro, High Point, Durham, RTP, Raleigh, NC. Winston-Salem, Asheville, Boone, NC and anywhere else in between those North Carolina cities, we can help with our video crews.  Our demo reel and gear list is below.

 Here is our demo reel of footage that we recorded using a Sony FS7:

Sony FS7 Equipment List:
Sony FS7 M2 Camera (4K & 1080HD capable) ( MK2 & a MK1) 
Sony FS7 M1 Camera
(4) BP60 Batteries
(3) BP30 Batteries
Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II Lens
(2) Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L II Lens
Canon 16-35mm f/2.8L II Lens
Rokinon 50mm CINE Prime Lens
Mattebox, Filters
(4) 128GB XQD Media Cards
(2) 64GB XQD Media Cards
Shoulder mount with 15mm rails
Cartoni HD tripod with 100mm Bowl
Manfrotto tripod with 503HDV fluid head
Dana Dolly with 8ft track, Rolling Low Boy Combo Stands

For Sony FS7 CAMERA CREWS in Charlotte, NC – Contact us