How to Impress a Video Production Company

We here at Apex Video Productions are all about 4 key phrases when it comes to video production. We call these the “Words to Impress your Video Company” and they are a key part of the vocabulary of video production. They make your video professional and differentiate it from any other video out there!

1.”Lower Third”

A lower third is a fancy phrase that describes when a person’s name and title pops up on the lower part of the screen in a video. Lower thirds can be static text, or animated text. Lower thirds can also include logos that your company may have. We use state of the art photo and video technology to put lower thirds into all our videos so that people will be sure to remember your name. Literally!
Here is an example from a video we did for Cone Health with an animated (moving) lower third:

2. “Depth of Field”

When we talk about “depth of field” we are referring to the distance between the nearest and farthest objects in a scene that appear acceptably sharp in an image. With our videos, the nearest object is you, the one on camera and the farthest object, is the background, which we like to leave slightly out of focus. This gives a highly polished look to your videos. Here is an example from a video we did for Blue Ridge Medical group where the background is out of focus:

3. “B-Roll”

B-Roll is crucial to making your videos stand out, as well as to show your business/product in action! When our camera man says he wants to shoot “B-Roll” it means that we will be recording footage of your business/product from a plethora of angles and shot choices. This B-Roll footage is then interspersed into your video and instantly enhances the viewing experience for potential clients! Now while you are explaining your products and services on camera, we can show that in action, this really engages viewers and lets them see first hand how your company operates.

4. “3 Point Lighting”

3 Point Lighting is the one of the most crucial differencea between amateur and professional video interviews! At Apex Video Productions, we implement a top of the line lighting kit in order to make sure the person on camera looks their best. 3 point Lighting refers to 3 light sources set up around the subject, that all work together in harmony to flatter the person on camera. The “3” lights are the key light, back light, and fill light. Before we do anything else for your video, we establish our 3 point lighting set up and then customize it to the subject so as to achieve the best possible, totally unique on camera look for your video! Here is an example:

With these new vocabulary words, you will be able to impress any video production company.  Let’s start this conversation today. Please give us a call at (336) 403-9273 to speak with a Charlotte Video Production company, or fill out our contact form.