Apex Video Audentes

An important part of any clinical research trial is that everyone is trained properly to carry out the trial. This gets even trickier if you have different sites that are carrying out the same trial. For Audentes Therapeutics (a biotech company), this issue became paramount as they prepared for their first clinical trial at multiple locations across several different countries. How do you get everyone at these different locations trained to do the clinical assessments? How do you get new hires trained as well? Their answer was video!

They wanted to train as many people in person as possible. They decided to hold a training conference in Charlotte, NC. They realized that all the experts in running their clinical trial were going to be at this conference. They knew that this would be the perfect opportunity to create training videos of each assessment. That’s where we come into the picture. They were looking for a really good Charlotte based video production company and they found us. When the clinician was not doing a presentation, we were able to video record that person demonstrating their particular assessment test. For this clinical trail, there are 8 assessments in total. We were able to record all 8 demonstration videos during one day of the conference.

Now, they have these training videos on their website for any clinician to watch. These will be so valuable to the clinicians as they prepare to start their clinical trial. Of course, they have a printed guide on how to do these assessment. But, there is something about seeing someone actually doing it that makes it that much more understandable. The videos will help ensure that these assessments are carried out in an accurate and consistent manner across trial sites and across countries.

What a great way to use video!

Here is one of their assessment videos: