During this time of travel restrictions because of coronavirus (COVID-19) quarantines and social distancing we can help you record any video interviews you need in Charlotte and throughout North Carolina using remote interview techniques. 

Remote interviews are where the producer can listen or view the interview while it is being recorded.  This can be done through speakerphone, FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, or other videoconferencing services as well as utilizing streaming services.  We have implemented these remote interview monitoring techniques for a number of years for TV programs such as “Relative Race” and international clients. 

To do remote interviews in Charlotte and other locations in North Carolina where the producer can’t travel, we arrive at the interviewees site and set up the camera/lighting equipment like usual.  We then take a picture with of how the interviewee looks on camera and text/email it to the producer for approval.  Then one of several things happens.  A speakerphone can be set up for the producer to hear the interview and ask the questions.   In order to do video, a laptop/phone is set up right next to the camera lens and we use FaceTime/Skype to have the producer see the interviewee and the interviewee looks at the producer’s image on the computer/phone screen. 

It just takes a little more time with the back and forth to send the interviewee interview setup image to the producer and get approval as well as setting up the speakerphone/video conferencing equipment.  Preferably we would need Wifi access at the site to get good Skype/Facetime connections.

We have also have live video streaming capabilities as well if you need to include a person into your virtual conference, meeting, event, broadcast show, or corporate communications network.  

So get in contact with us if in these unpresidented times if you absolutely need a video interview recorded in either HD or 4K using Sony FS7 cameras.  We have been recording a lot of corporate executive presentations to be edited and fed into conferences that have now become virtual conferences.  If you need your video recorded interview edited, don’t worry, we can do the video editing for you as well.  We’ll send preview edits to you along the way for your feedback and revisions and then file transfer the final HD or 4K video to you.  To help our U.S. and international based producers we have also been traveling our HD/4K camera crews to South Carolina and Virginia.