Here are 4 ways in which you can save both time and money by hiring a local camera crew for your video production project in Charlotte, NC.

1) Avoid Crewing Services Fees 

If you try to hire your Charlotte video production team through a crewing service, then know that you will be paying 15% to 100% more than if you just hired a local crew.  You may not know that you are hiring a crewing service if you are using the results from an online google search.  One way to tell is if if the agency says that they have crews in all of the major US cities.  If that is the case, they likely local video productions companies like us and add a hefty fee for their service. Avoid the high crewing service fees by working with a local Charlotte video production company directly.  

2) Less time spent on paperwork and budgeting 

Instead of searching for each video production crew member (DP, Camera Op, Producer, Sound Engineer, Drone Operator, etc.), it’s really easy to hire a local Charlotte Video Production company that has all of the video crew on staff and ready to go.  When you hire our Charlotte video production company, you get us.  You get our team.  We tell you upfront what our budget is for the crew that you need.  You only need to do one set of paperwork and will only receive one invoice.  It’s that simple. 

3) Lower travel expenses 

Hiring a local Charlotte video production company saves you the costs of paying for a crew to travel to you. Without paying for flights, transportation, and accommodations, your project can be produced on a much smaller budget without sacrificing the quality of the work.  Often times, our clients will send us examples of videos that will help us make sure to get the look of their new project to match their other video work.  It’s expensive to fly with video equipment.  Save that costs by hiring a local video production company in Charlotte that already owns the video equipment that you need for your video project. 

4) Less time spent on logistics

A local Charlotte video production company will know how to get the permits that you need to shoot in Charlotte, NC.  We also know the best sites to get really great looking b-roll.  We know the best talent agencies to help you find local talent.  We can do site visits for you before your shoot.  By hiring a local video production company in Charlotte, we can save you a lot of time on logistics.

Let Us Help You With Your Video Project

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