Can Video Really be that Simple and Effective?

Don’t you wish that your potential customers knew about your products and services? Wouldn’t it be nice if your “elevator speech” was out there helping to educate people on what you have to offer? That is really the beauty of a simple testimonial video.

We created just such a video for a Shaklee Distributor, Linda McDermott. She really believes in the Shaklee products and wants to communicate that to others. This was a simple process for us. We shot it in her living room and kitchen. The entire shoot took six hours. Linda asked a few of her best customers to come and share their experiences with the Shaklee products and with her. This is the result:

Even my editor wanted to try out the Shaklee vitamins after editing this video together! This video is just a great way for her to introduce herself and the Shaklee products to new customers. Nothing was scripted, and it was a very easy video to create. It’s just me sitting slightly off camera asking the questions.

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