A Slider Isn’t a Hamburger in Our Video Production World

I love to eat sliders.  They are the perfect food for this beautiful fall weather.  We grill them outside and throw our favorite toppings on them.

As a video production family, a slider has another meaning.  It refers to putting our camera on long tracks that are up on stands and sliding the camera from one end to the other end.  I love using our slider.  While you need a decent amount of space to use it, it provides some lovely moving shots.

A typical video shot may be where the camera is stationary on a tripod.  This provides a nice still shot.  It’s easy to keep in focus because the camera is not moving.  Another common shot is when the videographer has the camera in his hand and is walking around with the camera.  We call this a “hand-held” shot.  While it can capture some creative shots, it’s often more jerky.

The slider shot is just beautiful!  To me, it’s smooth and graceful.  It just adds a really nice elegant feel to what would be a normal still shot.  Often times, I ask our clients whether they would like us to bring our slider.  They often give me funny look thinking I am going to bring in lunch!  Here are some tips to help get the best slider shot possible:

1) The slider works best on wide shots.

2) It’s important to have something in the foreground.  This helps provide perspective and highlights the movement in the shot.

3) You want to make sure that the camera moves slowly on the rails.  You don’t want to go to fast or bump the end of the rails.  Gentle movement is the key.

Here is a video where we used our slider.  Keep an eye out for the slow and graceful movements!


We would be happy to bring our slider to your video shoot.  Making beautiful videos that really connect with the viewer is what we do best.  Please give us a call at (336) 403-9273 to speak with a Charlotte Video Production company, or fill out our contact form.