5 Ways to Convince Your Boss to Invest in Video Marketing

You may understand all the benefits of video marketing and what it could do for your company.  But how do you get your boss (who has had no experience with video marketing) on board with your vision?  Here are a few ideas that might help convince your boss that video marketing is just what your company needs:

1) People love to share video.  If your company has a presence on social media, then the goal is to get others engaged in your content. Videos are shared 12 time more frequently than text alone on social media sites.  There is no better way to create that buzz or that engagement than through posting short videos about your company’s products, services, etc.

2) Video viewing drives purchase decisions.  Product sales increase on average 30% if a product has a product video.  That is an amazing statistic!  Researchers believe that it’s because trust is big factor in purchasing decisions.  Product videos go along way in developing that customer’s trust.  If your company believes in your product enough to make a product video, then it must do what you say it does.

3) Video generates higher engagement.  We all love to watch video online.  But, we also enjoy making comments about videos.  This engagement is exactly what you want.  You want others to talk about your company’s videos.

4) Video helps your site with SEO.  We all know that Google loves video.  Google gives a higher ranking to video content that to other forms of web content.  Plus, video search results have a much higher click through rate than plain text results.

5) Customer accrual is easier with video.  People don’t want to read a bunch of text on a website.  They want to get their information quickly and easily.  There is no better way to provide information on your website than a high quality 2 minute web video about your company.  In addition, customers don’t want to be sold to.  They want to be educated and come to their own conclusions.  If they view your company as trying to provide useful information, they will more likely to check out your services and products.  Through the use of videos, they will begin to develop trust in your company which makes it much easier for them to decide to buy your company’s products and services.

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