4K Corporate Video Production: What is all the buzz?

There is all this talk and hype in the video production community about recording in 4K resolution.  The video production recording technology has advanced to a level where recording in 4K resolution is possible for broadcast, corporate and documentary productions.  I’m going to spend a little time discussing what 4K actually is, who is using it, and why it may make sense to record your corporate videos in 4K resolution.  I’ll give you a clear example of one corporate video production we are working on that absolutely had to be recorded in 4K.  It would have failed otherwise.

When video production made the leap from standard definition (SD) to high definition (HD), the resulting clarity and resolution was tremendous.  Everyone loved the amazing pictures that were being recorded and broadcast in HD.  If you look at the graphic below you’ll get a sense of the scale of the improved resolution based on image size and number of pixels.  Now with 4K definition the recorded image resolution has taken a similar leap.

4K Corporate Video Production example

Video Production Recording Resolution Comparison

So why would you need to record such a large image size as 4K?  Well, there are some 4K television monitors available but no one is broadcasting 4K signals yet.  Most broadcasters and cable network channels are requesting productions be recorded in 4K to future proof the footage.  Once is it recorded in 4K resolution video footage can be down-converted to 1080 HD size and still look amazing.  In the future as broadcast technology advances, the 4K raw footage can be pulled from the archive and still be viable.

Recording in 4K can be useful in corporate video production for reasons other than just having an amazing image.  Even though the “raw footage” is recorded at such a large resolution, it can always be scaled down for other uses.  It doesn’t go too well the other way – scaling up 1080 resolution to larger images.  We have clients that will record in 4K, the project will be edited in that resolution, and then we’ll output it to a high quality 1080 video clip for YouTube.  We can do even smaller sizes to stream over their websites or internal company Intranets.

We have a corporate client that wants to display their video on a large video wall at an upcoming trade show in Las Vegas.  Their booth will have nine video screens put together to form a huge video wall as a part of their booth.  The relative image resolution size across that video wall is roughly in the 3000 pixel range.  Meaning the video wall needs to play a video at 4K resolution!  A 1080 pixel HD video would not be an amazing video on a video wall that size.  If our client didn’t have the forward vision to have us record in 4K resolution video as we visited client sites all around the East coast, the project would have come out much differently.


We pride ourselves in helping our clients get the most use out of the videos we produce for them.  That means having video footage that will be used for many purposes now and into the future.  We will be doing a lot more 4K resolution corporate video production going forward. Recording in this format also allows our clients to obtain large resolution frame-grab still images from the footage we record.  This leverages the money invested on video production using those images for print material, brochures, and graphics and banners for trade show booths.

If you are thinking about using 4K recording in your upcoming corporate video production then I encourage you to contact us.  We will assist you and take the lead on getting it done right.  For some of our Charlotte video shoots we have been capturing amazing 4K video images with the Panasonic GH4 camera.  Combine those amazing 4K video shots with our storytelling capabilities, and you will have one knocked out of the park video.