What Would Your Clients Say about YOU?

I was at a networking meeting yesterday morning. I had the pleasure of talking with Marviette Usher about cleaning products. We both have small children and are interested in having safe cleaning products in our home. She asked me what I used and I told her all about my experience with the Shaklee cleaning products. She was really impressed about all the great things I was saying about those products. I then introduced her to Linda McDermott who just happened to be sitting at our table. Linda sells Shaklee products. At that point, Marviette was very interested in meeting with Linda to discuss Shaklee cleaning products.

Now, if Linda had introduced herself to Marviette and said that she worked for the Shaklee Corporation selling products from health to cleaning, she would not have gotten Marviette’s interest. It was my testimony that sold Marviette. It made her want to talk to Linda directly. That is the POWER of someone speaking about their experiences with your products and services.

Check out this video where a few clients spoke about their experience with Redding Communications:

There is such POWER when your prospective clients hear from those that have used your products and services. It makes them want to talk to you. Your customers can talk about you to those that they meet or we can put a few of them on camera and let them talk to the world. Are you ready to discuss your testimonial video? Give us a call today to schedule a time to meet, (336) 403-9273 or fill out our contact form.