We did it again…….

Who loves being in front of a video camera? Like so many of our clients, they want a video to promote their business but they dread being on camera. I often here things like “I’m terrible on camera. I hate getting my picture taken. Do I have to be in the video?” This is always a struggle for me as a take a client from wanting a video but not wanting to be videotaped to being willing to go for it.

I always say things like “You will look great on camera. Don’t worry about what you say. We will only use about 2% of what you say. The power of editing is amazing. Just talk about what you love about your job. Just tell me what you want people to understand about your service or your products.”

We have a documentary approach to videos. What this means is that we sit our clients down in front of our video camera and all of our lights and just talk to them. We ask them all sorts of questions about their business so that we can edit together an amazing video that really allows our client to connect with their potential customer.

We recently completed a video for Bernadette Trinidad with Crutchfield Advertising. She was one of those clients who simply dreaded the thought of being in a video. This was her response after she saw her video for the first time:

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU AND YOUR TEAM ARE MAGICIANS!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!


After all that dread and hesitation, she had a a great time during her video shoot and loves her video. If I could only convince all of my prospective clients that I promise that they will have fun during the shoot and will be thrilled with the final product.

Here is her finished video:

Crutchfield Advertising: Your Marketing Partner from Sarah Holmes on Vimeo.

Are you one of those people who understand the power of video yet dread the idea of being on camera? If so, I would love to hear from you. Give us a call today to schedule a time to meet, (336) 403-9273 or fill out our contact form.