Watching videos can be good for your health

Yes, doctors will agree that watching videos can be good for your health.  Here at Apex Video Productions we truly believe in making videos that help people.  Sometimes we get a dose of our own medicine.  We recently did a “meet the doctor” type video for Blue Ridge Medical Group that highlighted one of their sleep center doctors.  During our interview with Dr. Jan Kriska, he talked extensively about sleep disorders.  By the end of his interview, I turned to my camera man (who happens to be my husband) and said “Oh my gosh.  I think you have a sleep disorder!”

We had no idea what sleep disorders were all about.  I knew that he snored on his back.  I knew that he was always tired.  I knew that he could sleep and sleep and still wake up tired.  Who knew that all of these were classic symptoms of a sleep disorder.

One of the main benefits of video is that you get to educate others.  It’s tough to get anyone’s attention on the web.  But, with video, it’s pretty easy to grab their attention.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to provide some really helpful information to your potential patients or clients.  Plus, they can easily share it with their network of people.

Dr. Kriska accomplished his goal of educating others about sleep disorders even before we had a chance to edit the video.  My husband was soon after diagnosed with a sleeping disorder.  With some modifications to the way he sleeps, he now is sleeping much better.

I encourage everyone to think about ways to use video to educate your potential patients/clients/customers.  Instead of selling to them, educate them.  If you educate them, they will begin to see you as an expert in your field.  They will begin to trust you, your abilities and your level of expertise.  In the long run, it will be very beneficial them and to your business.

You can check out Dr. Kriska’s video here:

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