Video Production to Showcase Your Service: Pura Vida Promotions

Video production does not have to be time intensive, costly, or difficult. It can actually be an easy, affordable, and great way to promote your business. For example, we created an effective and simply video for Pura Vida Promotions. We interviewed Courtney Turlington, the President, about her business. They are a full service advertising specialities company focusing on logoed merchandise for a variety of needs.

The video production was simple. We showed up with our crew and equipment. We decided to interview Courtney in their conference room. We set up some props in the background, all of our lights and camera and did a quick 20 minute interview with Courtney. She talked about what makes her company unique in terms of providing promotional products to her clients. After her interview, we recording some video footage of her and others working in their offices. We packed up and were out of there in less than 3 1/2 hours. Our video shoots can actually end up being “fun.” Many of our clients dread thinking about actually being in a video but they know they have to do it because doing video equals growth for their business.

Back at the office, we edited together clips from her interview along with some of the b-roll shots to create this effective video about her business. She can now use this video on her website, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, other video sharing sites, as part of a cold call, in emails, at presentations, at tradeshows, etc….. Here is the video that we created for Pura Vida Promotions:

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