Video Production for a Non-Profit: Part 1- “The Dream”

One of the greatest challenges for a non-profit is to have others understand their cause on an emotional level.  I’ve often heard non-profit leaders discuss the need to get their message out there so that people can really understand the difference they are trying to make in people’s lives. One such non-profit contacted us to have a video created that they could show to others. The founders of Power Cross knew their message needed to get out in the community and they realized that hiring a video production company to create a video for them was the best way to accomplish their goal.

We initially planned to create our basic 3 to 5 minute video about their organization. In the end, the video production project turned out to be an entire series of videos about their organization. We were so moved by what they were trying to accomplish that we ended up donating our video production services to them!

The first video in this series focuses on Jeff Storment, the co-founder of Power Cross. Power Cross is an organization that works with inner-city youth of Statesville by involving them in sport, educational tutoring and bible study. This organization started because Jeff kept having the same dream. Check it out:

We shot his interview in their bating cage room. We blocked all the windows, used their big chair from their home, covered it in a white sheet and hung one of our lights over the chair. We though it created a great video effect that really pulls the viewed into the video. What do you think?

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