Video Production and Social Media?

We were excited when Beaufurn selected our video production company for their video project. They are a local manufacturing company that produces beautiful chairs for national companies. They want to tell their company’s story so that buyers can understand why they are different from other companies that sell chairs. One of the main differences is that Beaufurn actually makes the chairs here in the United States. These chairs are not shipped in from China. In addition to telling the story of Beaufurn, we wanted to showcase their manufacturing process.

Don’t worry. I will get to the social media part. I promise! Ok. Back to their manufacturing process. We spent the day with the Anne, the Director of Marketing at Beaufurn. For our video shoot, we brought along our 8 ft jib and our long size dana dolly tracks. What this means is that we were able to get some really beautiful video footage of their manufacturing process. I was really amazed at how beautiful it is to create a chair.

Clearly, this video production project involves us creating a video to showcase their manufacturing process. We got tons of great video footage for that video. The cool thing is that Anne was able to use social media to let her followers know that they had selected a video production company for their project. She was able to communicate their excitement about the upcoming video shoot. We took photos throughout the day which she was able to tweet and post. Plus, we pulled just a few video clips and put this quick little video together for her as a teaser to the full video that is coming:

As a video production company, we are all about getting as much as you can out of a video production project. We really enjoy working with our clients to help them get as much “bang for their buck” as possible. As a summary, here are some ways that you can leverage your video production project in the social media realm:

1) Announce that you are looking for a video production company for your project. Ask for recommendations from your followers.
2) Blog about the process of selecting the best video production company.
3) Announce your upcoming video shoot. You can ask for advice from your followers on how to best prepare for a video shoot.
4) On the day of the shoot, you can post pictures of the shoot.
5) If you have a really good video production company working for you, you can ask them to create a quick video with a few video clips as a teaser video to the full video.
6) After you receive the first rough cut of your video, you can share your thoughts on the video project.
7) You can do a big press release when the final video is completed.

We know that the first video is the hardest for any company. Our clients at Beaufurn had never had a video made for them. They had a lot of questions and didn’t understand anything about the video production process. The best part of this video shoot for us was to see our client understand how a video is made. Now that she has been through this process, she understand the power of video in communicating with their customers. She is really excited to use video as a way of increasing their sales. She feels like a pro now when it comes to getting a video made for her company. And, we are honored to help Beaufurn communicate their story to the world through beautifully made videos.

Would you like us to tell your company’s story? If so then give us a call today to schedule a time to meet, (336) 403-9273 or fill out our contact form. We offer a free consultation. We will be glad to walk you through our process of making a video that really connects with your customers.