Video Marketing Tip: How to Use Video to Grow Your Business Part 6

Do you read the reviews of a product before you buy it? I know that I do. Those reviews have a lot to do with the buying decisions that a person makes. How many times have you decided to buy a product based on great reviews? This can be true for your business as well. Testimonial videos go a long way in building up the confidence in your potential customers so that they are ready to buy your product and services. If you put a testimonial video on your website or YouTube channel you’ll actually have potential customers that are ready to purchase calling YOU!

Our video production process is easy when it comes to creating a testimonial video. We will ask you to get three of your clients or customers to speak about your business on camera. I will ask them questions about their experiences with your business. We will typically have you introducing yourself at the beginning and the end of the video and we leave the rest up to your customers. In almost every case, a happy customer is always willing to be part of our video production project. Being in a testimonial video actually makes them feel honored and appreciated. Here is my quick video discussing this tip:

Here is a testimonial video about us:

Here are a couple of testimonial videos that we have created for our video production clients:

As you can see, there really is nothing more powerful than watching a testimonial video about a business. Do you have some satisfied customers? If so, then let’s get going on creating a powerful testimonial video for your business! Please give us a call at (336) 403-9273 to speak with a video production company in Charlotte, or fill out our contact form.