Video Marketing Tip #2: How to Keep Visitors on Your Website

We all work so hard to get visitors to our website. Once we get a new visitor, we want to do everything in our power to keep them on our website. Did you know that on average, a new visitor will spend six seconds on your website before deciding whether to go on to your competitor’s website? Six seconds is such a small amount of time to engage them through text and images.

If you really want to harness the power of video, then you will put a professionally made video on your homepage. As a culture, we are easily distracted and often guilty of finding the easiest route to gain the desired information.

To prove my point, here is a quick video clip with the same information as this blog post. Which would you rather do? Read the rest of this blog or watch my video?

Video fits both of these common characteristics by providing an engaging format to gain desired information. 

Whereas most web copy, email newsletters and social media posts are scanned, most videos are watched in their entirety.

The great news about video is that 90% of your website visitors will watch your video that is on your homepage. Instead of only six seconds to grab their attention, you now have their attention for two minutes. There’s even more great news about having video on your website! Research also shows that people will spend even more time going deeper into your website after watching a video on your homepage. Now, your new visitor is really getting to know your products and services.

So, go ahead and get a professional-made video on your homepage. I promise you that it will pay for itself in no time at all. To schedule our first meeting to discuss your video project, give us a call at (336) 403-9273 or fill out our contact form. Our video production company in Charlotte offers free consultations. We will be glad to walk you through our process of making a video that will really help you keep prospective customers on your website.