Video Marketing Tip #1: How to use Video to drive people to your website

I thought I would start the New Year off by sharing some ideas on how to use your professionally created videos to grow your business. Here’s my first video production tip:

Most small businesses just want to get a video on their website and maybe on YouTube. But, there are so many other possibilities for getting your video out on the internet. While Google’s ranking algorithm still remains somewhat of a mystery, we do know that external links pointing to your website help your search engine results. When you put your video on a video sharing site tagged with your key search words, that tells Google that you are more relevant for that key word than your competitors. So, take your videos and share them on all of the video sharing sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumbir, LinkedIn, Google +, Vimeo, Animoto, etc. Or you can use a service like to upload your video to multiple sites at once. Just remember that your video can be used to draw people to your website and to increase your search engine rankings.

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