Using Video to Open Doors to New Customers

As many business owners who provide a service, Mary Ann wants to start a conversation with potential clients. The challenge is to open that door to a potential client and get them to hear what you have to say. A short 2 to 3 minute video about your service is the best way to open that door.

Many people ask me what is involved in creating a video.  For this video, Mary Ann picked 3 of her clients who were willing to talk about their experiences with her as their business coach. She arranged for us to go to each of their business locations to interview them. We spent about 2 hours at each location interviewing the business owner as well as getting some footage of their business.  Once we interviewed Mary Ann, we pulled out the best clips from all of the interviews that really highlighted the essence of her coaching service. We put this together with some nice graphics, some nice music and a good call to action at the end.  While she was hesitant to be on camera at first, she now says that she has a “gem” of a marketing tool.

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