The 4 Things that a Video Producer can do for Your Video Production

What exactly does a video producer do? Do they run around with a cup of coffee in their hand telling everyone what to do? Well, not exactly. Here’s a quick run down on the 4 things that you should know about a video producer:

1.) A video producer helps you to develop the content of your video. As a video producer myself, I will help you figure out what you want the viewer to understand about your business when they are finished watching your video. I will also help you to figure out what you want your prospective customer to do after they watch your video.

2.) A video producer makes sure that everything goes smoothly during your shoot. I make sure that everyone knows where to show up, what to bring, and what to do. This part of a video production is like being an event manager. I work with the video crew to make sure that we are setting up the camera in the best place possible. Once I get everyone on location with our gear, my main focus will be you. My job is to make you comfortable and to make sure that you enjoy the video production process. So far, everyone has told me that their video shoot was easy and enjoyable. This is great news to me because most of our clients go into a video production feeling nervous.

3.) The third thing that a video producer does is oversee the editing of the video. I know what content we want in your video. I understand the message that we want to create. I communicate this to my editing team and oversee their work to guarantee that the final project captures the essence of your business or product.

4.) Finally, my last responsibility as your video producer is to help you use your new video to grow your business. I teach you all about how to use search engine optimization techniques to use your video to drive traffic to your website. I show you how to upload your video to all of the video sharing sites and how to post it to all of the social media websites.

The best part of my job is hearing my clients say that having a video made for their business was the best marketing decision that they have ever made!

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