Testimonial Video: How to Create a Great One

Did you know that the majority of internet users want to hear from your customers before they decide to buy from you? A testimonial video is fast becoming a “must have” for your website. We recently recorded a testimonial video for Nike Roach, co-owner of 6th Sense Health and Wellness Center. I thought I would share some our process with you so that you can begin to think about how to plan your own testimonial video.

With Nike, the most important question I had for him is “What do you want prospective clients to know about your business after they watch your video?” In other words, what do you want them to know about you that they did not already know. For Nike, he wanted people to know the following: 1) massage is not just a luxury item but a part of one’s overall health strategy, 2) massage and acupuncture can often be a better solution to physical problems compared to mainstream solutions of medication and surgery and 3) his clients don’t just get a massage but they receive a comprehensive wellness plan to treat and prevent any physical symptoms that they are experiencing. Those were his main points that he wanted to convey in a video.

The next step for Nike is that he had to find clients who could speak to each of those points. Once he identified those people, I was able to interview them and ask them about these e main points. For example, he has a client who was facing shoulder surgery for a rotator cup injury. She did not want to go down that road and instead opted for acupuncture and massage therapy. Her doctor was so impressed with the drastic improvement on her shoulder that the doctor asked for Nike’s card!

This is the type of testimony that will bring new clients into your business! So here are the steps:

1) Identify the main points that you want covered in your testimonial video

2) Identify your clients who can speak about at least one of those points

3) Schedule your shoot with us.

Before you know, you will have an invaluable marketing video that will bring lots of people into your business.

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Sarah Holmes
Apex Video Productions