Product Videos Sell More Products!

While it might seem daunting to create product videos on your entire catalog, research shows that it is well worth the investment.  Research by Treepodia shows that there is an increase conversion rate in sales of more than 30% when there is a product video.  What is interesting is that this conversion rate remains the same whether the customer watches the video or not.

Why do Customers Buy Products when there is a Product Video?

It may have to do with consumer behavior and the trust factor.  People feel more secure about buying a product when there is a video about the product.  They know that you trust your product enough to create a video about it.  It also lets your customers know that you are investing into the product and believe in it enough to create a video.  So, it must be a good product.

How Expensive is to to Create Product Videos

It remains true that poor quality video can actually have a detrimental effect on your site.  If you are using the video to showcase your products and increase your conversion rate, then it is worth the expense to have them professionally produced.  It is possible to recreate a video using images.  We can use our editing software to move on the photos making it appear to be video.  This is one way to reduce the cost of product videos.  Another way to get more from your money is to shoot lots of products in one day.  That way, you only have one day of video production cost  and yet will receive many product videos.

As always, it is important to measure the video’s performance against  your goals that you have set for that product.

How can we help you?

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