North Carolina Camera Operators / Camera Crews

Do you have a North Carolina video shoot where you need these?

• Professional cameraman with broadcast, corporate, and documentary experience.
• Professional cameras and equipment that will make the shoot go smoothly.
• A local cameraman that knows the locations that you want to shoot in.

Let North Carolina DP/Cameraman Christopher Brown help!

• I have over 25 years award-winning, location experience.
• I work primarily on corporate, broadcast and documentary productions.
• I will make the producers job easy, your talent at ease, and your editor very happy!
• I am reliable, able to work fast-paced, and an experienced hand-held shooter.
• I know how to interact with clients, CEOs and beyond.

Professional Creativity

• I can light an extremely well-lit interview.
• I can record amazing interview sound even as a one man band.
• I specialize in capturing creative b-roll with coverage that makes editors happy.

Sony FS7 II

                                    View my demo reel

Professional Gear

• I have professional gear and I know how to use it.
• I own two Sony FS7’s with Canon and Rokinon CINE Prime lenses.
• Lighting kit includes Kino Flo, ARRI, and Bi-color LED panels.
• Dana Dolly & 8FT Jib
• Sound kit includes Sound Devices 633 mixer & Lectrosonics wireless.
• Interview backdrops include fabric, green screen, and seamless paper.

Professional Credentials

• Contracted by numerous Fortune 500 corporations.
• Able to sign an NDA and work with sensitive/proprietary information.
• FAA and NC licensed drone pilot
• 1 million dollar liability insurance as well as drone liability insurance.

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