Samples for NC BioNetwork

Piedmont Triad Airport (PTI)
We worked with the airport authority client to give feedback on the script and arranged on-location shoots in multiple locations in security sensitive areas of the airport and on-site corporations. Our DP/cameraman was giving access to record in all areas of the working airport including out on the runways and tarmac. Our DP is also a FAA and NC DOT Division of Aviation licensed commercial drone pilot and was able to record arial footage in controlled airspace above the airport property. Our editor and After Effects animator created all the graphics and transitions, as well as assembling the footage for this video.

When we met with the marketing team at Booke, we focussed on identifying all of the aspects of what they wanted to to communicate in their video. Their goal was for current and potential customers to have a better understanding of all that they offered. For this project we were responsible for writing the script, selecting the narration talent, locating and procuring all photos and creating all of the graphics and animations. They are very pleased with their final video and are actively using it as part of their marketing strategy.

Fortive Scholarship Program
Fortive wanted to present some of the impact that their college scholarship program was having on the families of their associates. We traveled to multiple locations around the United States and recorded the stories of past scholarship recipients. Sarah Holmes then content editing all the interviews to form a powerful and emotional video presentation. This video was shown at a corporate meeting of company presidents and VP’s and then shown company-wide to the associates.

For this project, we received the footage from a local cameraman. We edited the content of the video from the interviews, identified the narration talent, finalized the script, had the narration recorded, worked with local community colleges to obtain video and photos of their campuses, created all of the animations and graphics, selected and added the music and worked with the NCTA to finalized this video.

Motion Graphic / Animation Demo Reel
Here is a small example of some of our recent graphics and animations. They were all created in-house using Adobe After Effects.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Culture of Health Web Documentary Series
Christopher Brown shot a series of web documentary videos for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. He utilized his on-the-fly DP skills to capture moments in the life of niche communities of people. This was a fast-paced, small crew (Producer & DP) production team that worked to highlight the strengths of the underserved communities.

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