Key Search Words: What Do They Have to Do With My Video?

Now that your video production company has completed your new video, how are you going to get your potential customers to see it? How are you going to get the exposure that you want for your video and for your company?

One easy way to get people to view your video is by choosing keywords that make an impact. Keywords that have impact usually contain three parts. The head is the most general word in your keyword. Next you have the middle which narrows down the search dramatically. Finally you add a tail and this should be very specific to your video production. This is the key to making it into the search engine’s top spots.

Your keywords should capture what people are typing into google to find your products and services. For example, we did a series of videos for a real estate agent. He put the address of the home for sale in his video title. The problem with this approach is that no one ever types in a physical address to see if that particular huse is for sale. They type in “home for sale” and then the area that they are looking in. It might be something like “3 bedroom home for sale in Charlotte.” It is those words that your customers are using to search for your products and services that you want to capture as your key search words. Once you have identified those keywords, then you can used them in the title and description of your new video.

Search engines provide many tools to help you analyze your keyword strength. Google Trends allows you to research past and current usage of keywords and their effectiveness. This tool is helpful because it not only explains what keywords are used most often, but also breaks the popularity down by regions, categories, and product searches. Google Analytics will let you know what keyword is already driving traffic to your video production, and Google Adwords Keywords Tool allows you to type in your keyword, and then gives you more effective ones to replace it. You might also ask your customers how they found you. If they found you through the web, you can ask them what words they used to search for your product or service. This can give you some additional ideas of keywords to use in your video.

How do you pick your keyword for optimum response? When you choose a keyword, it should be used in your title, description and tag words. This causes the search engines to recognize it for what it is. Also, it should be specific to your product and services. For example, when I was trying to identify our key search words for our video production company, the most common word was “North Carolina Video Production.” I could have used those keywords in our videos. But, if someone was looking for a video production company in Greensboro, would they really type in “North Carolina Video Production?” No, they would not. Our key words are definitely geographically specific because we want those people in the Triad who are looking for a video production company to find our company on the web. The greater the specificity, the more relevant traffic you will produce. Designating your location also helps to narrow searches. If you tell the vicinity of your company, locals will have a greater opportunity to use your service.

The strategy for most businesses is to produce growth. In this era, nearly all research is done on line. If you are creating videos for business growth, a keyword search is what will help drive people to your videos and to your website. The more traffic routed toward your video, the higher up on the search engine your company’s name appears. The goal for every business should be to have their name be first up in the Search Engine’s list. This will result in your video production having the greatest impact possible.

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