Apex Video’s Marketing Journey Part Two!

Part two of our short documentary series that chronicles our new inbound marketing campaign with Brown Advertising. In part 2, we check back in with Sarah from Apex Video Productions and Neil Brown from Brown Advertising, after one month doing inbound marketing/social media marketing. All of us at Apex were absolutely thrilled at the phenomenal results! After just one month with Brown Advertising we are building a strong presence on Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook, thanks to the efforts of Neil and Cameron. But just how amazing were the results? Neil broke it down for us and here are just a few of the numbers: Increased number of visits to the site by 20 %, increased page views (on social media sites) by 40 %, and the number of visits to our website by social referrals has increased by an astounding 1,500 %!!!

Check out part two of the documentary and hear what Neil and Sarah have to say about the future of our marketing campaign. We know that the first month was a fantastic success and we can’t wait to see the results of month two! So check out the video and follow along on Facebook, Twitter, and of course our blog!

Brown Advertising Documentary Pt. 2 from Sarah Holmes on Vimeo.