How to Use Video Production for Your Relaunch Brand

Have you ever been in a situation where you revamped your brand and wanted an effective way to share your new brand’s message with your employees and the world?

The Center for Creative Leadership recently completed a rebranding process and chose video as a key element to promote their new brand. They used the power of video to communicate their new message to their employees and to prospective clients around the world.

Yesterday, they had a company wide meeting to reveal their new brand to their employees in Greensboro, Colorado, California and Brussels. During the event they premiered four new videos created that we created to show during the meeting. The first three videos were short one-minute videos about the three main attributes of their new brand.

A couple of weeks ago, we interviewed some of their board members to find out what their new brand means to them and to CCL. We were able to take these five interviews and edit them together to create the final, three-minute video that closed the meeting.  It was great to see CCL use video to communicate their importance and impact of their new brand.

Here is one of the videos shown at the event:

Video Production at CCL from Sarah Holmes on Vimeo.

Of course, we were there capturing this live event using three different video cameras. Our goal today is to take the footage from these three cameras, the four videos that were created for this event and create one video that showcases yesterday’s live event and the rebranding experience. CCL will use this video to share the experience with their employees around the world who were not able to attend this event either in person or by satellite.

We are very excited for CCL as they launch their new brand and are proud to be a part of their journey!