How to Use Video to Promote a Conference: Gilbarco Veeder-Root

Creating a promotional video can be a great idea especially if your conference is a recurring event. For one of our clients, they have an annual conference. They decided to hire us to get some footage of the conference as well as interview some of the participants. We were really able to edit together a great promotional video that they were able to use to promote their conference this year. Take a look:

Here are some ways that they used this video to promote their conference this year:

1) Embed Your Promotional Video on Your Conference’s Website Page.
Once they got someone interested in the conference, they were able to send them a link to their website page which had all of the information about the conference. Front and center on the page was their promotional video.

2) Send Your Promotional Video to an Email List.
They had spent all year creating a list of people who may be interested in attending their conference.  They were able to send out a personal email invitation and included a link to their promotional video.

3) Include Your Promotional Video on a Blog Post.
As you can see, it’s easy to embed a video straight from video sharing sites such as Vimeo and YouTube. You can include the video in several blog posts leading up to your event. All I had to do was copy and past a link into this blog post.

4) Share Your Promotional Video on Social Media.
Video is so readily consumed on social media. Plus, video is shared 12 times more than links or text. This means that your promotional video is much more likely to get viewed and shared. That is exactly what you want. You can tweet your video, put it on Facebook  and LinkedIn and encourage others to share it with their network of people.

For Gilbarco, this year’s conference was their biggest event ever! They had more people attend than any other event in the past. And, I know that their promotional video helped a great deal in increasing their numbers. In fact, we were there this year as well. I had the opportunity to interview someone from Utah who had attended the conference for the first time. He said, “Honestly, the reason I decided to come was that I saw a video about it. It convinced me that it was worth it to come.” Imagine that!!

If you have a recurring event and would like a promotional video created for it, then please contact us. We would love to talk with you about how we can create a great video that highlights your event. To speak with one of the best video production companies in Charlotte, give us a call at (336) 403-9273 or fill out our contact form.