How to Use Video to Not “Sell” to Your Customers

None of us wants to listen to a sales pitch. What we really want is information. Traditional videos such as commercials are generally thought of as sales pitch, With my own daughters, I have told them that you can’t always trust what you see in TV commercials. I am sure that we have all purchased items based on these sales videos only to find out that the products does not performed as advertised.

What if a company decided to skip the typical commercial style sales pitch video format and instead used video to educate their customers on issues that concerned them? How would potential customers respond? It may not make immediate sense to spend those precious marketing dollars on educational efforts. But, what if that is what your clients needed and wanted?

We are working with an international corporate client today that is taking an educational approach to their videos. Their sale strategy is to share the latest information about the field with their customers. They want their customers to know about the latest trends in the industry and to understand all of their options. They don’t want to hard sell to their customers but they want to be seen as a solution provider and have their customers choose them with full confidence.

We are creating a series of videos for them that will be educational in nature and will be shared with all of their customers and potential customers. It’s a different approach for them. But, they truly believe that their customers need help to understand the latest trends and issues that are facing them. They know that no one wants to be sold to.

As a video production company that excels at story telling, this is a perfect fit for us. Can we create the high end commercials? Yes, of course we can. But, what we love to do is to tell real, authentic stories that connect with consumers. We are so excited to be partnered with this company and help them to help their customers. We know that this approach will not only help their customers make the best informed decisions but will build unparalleled customer loyalty.

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