How to Use Video Production to Reduce Call Center Load

One of our new video clients told us that there is one call that their call center keeps getting: How do we install the Clamp Forever Duct System? Installers frmm around the country have issues figuring out how to install this system. Once you understand how to do it, it is a really easy system to use and ends up saving the installor tons of time.

Our new client had been paying to staff his call center with people who can answer this question. Of course, this is both expensive and time consuming. He finally decided to have a professional video created to explain how to install their duct system. Before deciding to hire us, he tried creating this instructonal video himself. After a week of working on the instructional video, he ended up with a poor quality video that really did not do this system justice. If anything, the video was a poor reflection on the quality of this company’s products. We were so glad that he decided to invest the money to have a video production crew create this video for him.

The first step in this video production project wss to develop the script. We worked with our client to write the script in a way that highlighted the great features of this system as well as demonstrating clearly how to install it. The second phase of the video production project was to shoot the installation. We broke the script down into a shot list. It took about 4 hours on location to record the footage that we needed. Next, we hire a professional voice-over talent and had the script narrated. Lastly, we edited the shots to the script and exported the final video.

Some of the great things about this video are:
1) K&B Duct has a professional video that truly reflects the quality of their products.
2) They can add this video to their website which should help reduce the number of calls coming into the call center.
3) The call center can now email or text a link to the YouTube video to the installers who have questions about how to install this video.
4) The sales people now have a new tool that they can use to sell this system. All they have to do is to tell their potential customers to watch this short video. It will do most of the selling for them.

Our client is very pleased with the end product. We are very pleased to have the opportunity to create an instructional video for his company that will help his customers, reduce his call center load, save his company money and increase his sales. We really believe that there is no better marketing investment than video!

Here is the K&B Duct Forever Clamp System Instructional Video:

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