How to Use Video Production to Promote Different Search Words

We all have different keywords that we are trying to optimize in our online SEO (search engine optimization) strategies. The question has always been, “How do we use one video for all of these keywords?”  This is especially tricky because YouTube won’t let you upload the same video twice.  One option is to string out all the combinations of your keywords in your video title, description, and tag words.  But, that is a rather cumbersome solution.

One alternative is to make several different versions of the same video and key each video for just one search word.   This may seem time consuming and expensive but programs such as Animoto ( can make it fairly easy.  We recently used the pro version of this program to create two extra videos for our client, Clothes Befitting.  The main video that we created is on their website at

It is possible to upload both video clips and photos to Animoto.   We went through her full length video and edited together some 10 second clips and uploaded them.  We then created some frame grab jpg images from the video footage of the ladies modeling their clothes and uploaded those images.  After that, we selected a style and music and let Animoto do their thing.  Here is their new video.

We edited together some other clips, selected different music and a different style template.  In a short amount of time, they had their third video.  Youtube allowed us to upload this video even though the content was similar.  With a small amount of effort, we were able to create 2 new versions of their video.  The main message was the same but the content was different enough so that they could be uploaded to YouTube.

Our client has three specific key words that they are targeting in their SEO efforts.  Each video can now be optimized for only one specific key word.  That means that there is a really good chance that their videos will come up in searchers for each of their key words.

This is just one great example of how video production can go a long way in helping your business grow.

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