How to Use Video as Part of a Cold Call

Most of us in sales just want a chance to get in front of our perspective clients and show them what we have to offer to meet their needs. Video is invaluable as a tool to sell your services and products. Here are some ways to use it to gain new customers as you cold call prospective customers.

1) After the initial contact, you can send the video in an email.

A short 2 minute introductory video is a great way to get someone interested enough in you and your services and products to want to set up that initial meeting.  If you offer a service, this video can really showcase your personality and the talent and skills that your business can bring to this prospective client.  If you sell products, the video can highlight all of the best features of your product line.  Bottom line, you just want that chance to get in front of the prospective client to see if you can meet their needs.  This video example was created for Soft Solutions.  Corliss McGinty’s goal was to show prospective clients what she has to offer in terms of team building.  It has been a great tool for her to have as she contacts new businesses.

2) You can include the video during your sales pitch.

Recently, we had a client who incorporated the video into their power point presentation.  After the testimonial video finished playing, his prospective client looked at him and said “You’re hired!”  This is the power of video!  His client did not need to hear and see anything else.  My video client really felt that it was the video that sold him.

3) You can sent your prospective client to your video on your website.

When you are talking with prospective client, it’s great to be able to say “You can actually see a video of me and what I do on my website.”  It allows your future clients to get a sense of you and your services before they even meet with you.

As I’ve said, all we want in sales is the chance to present what we have to offer.  Video is the way to get that chance.

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