How to Get the Most Leverage With Your Video Production

One of our Clients, RayLen Vineyard and Winery, is beginning to think about expanding their efforts in the social media arena.  In my discussion with Karyn Howard, their Marketing and Events Coordinator, she stated that she had some really great success working with Neil Tolbert, a  local social media expert who twitted about one of their recent events at the vineyard.  I checked out one of the websites that they used to talk about Raylen’s event.  One of the sites that he used was  This is a great site that provides information about local events and happenings at North Carolina vineyards.  Another great feature to this site is that they have an information page about each vineyard.   And, they had a spot where a vineyard can insert a video on their information page.  So, with no additional money spent, Karyn was able to get the Raylen’s Introductory Web Video on this page. Now, all visitors to can easily view their awesome web video.

This experience highlights one of the great things about a web video: it can be used over and over at no additional cost.  For those of you who have an introductory web video,  I encourage you to do a search for your type of business.  Find all the sites that list the businesses in your field.  Then, get your videos posted on these sites.  May of the times, you will have to “claim” the listing and show that you work for the company.  From there, you will be able to manage our listing including embedding your web video.  By doing this, you will expose more potential consumers to your business and will have more links from outside of our website pointing to your site.  Both of these things are a win/win for you and  your business.

If you are considering hiring a video production company, then I highly recommend that you create an introductory web video.  This is the best type of video to introduce you, your company, and your products and services.  With as little as $600, you can have a professional video produced about your company that you can use over and over.  I promise you that it will be well worth the investment.