How many birds can you get from 1 Video Production?

Recently, we were hired to videotape a leadership conference for women in Greensboro, NC.  Each of the three presenters are public speakers.  They viewed this conference as an excellent opportunity to have their presentation recorded.  So, we’re always thinking of: Let’s kill two birds with one stone – (Def: To manage to do two things at the same time instead of just one, because it is convenient to do both). The first three birds of this video production was for us to create a demo video that each one of the ladies can use on their website.  As public speakers, they all understand the value of having a video to showcase their skills as a public speaker. They will use their video as part of their marketing efforts for future public speaking engagements.

The next bird that we captured during this video production was to create a video about the conference as a whole.  We set up an interview room where we interviewed a few of the participants after the conference.  We will use their testimonial comments as well as clips of the conference throughout the day to create an overall video about the conference.  This video will be used to promote this conference and to attract attendees to this event in the future.

The fifth bird that we captured with this video production is that one of the presenters wanted her coach to see her entire presentation. She wants to become an even better public speaker. She will use her video presentation in her coaching sessions to improve her public speaking skills.

The final bird that we got with this video production is that we created some head-shots for the presenters and their staff. One great thing about our video footage is that we can grab any frame and make a high resolution image of it.  We had the presenters and their staff sit in front of our camera for a few seconds.  I decided to use the opportunity for a head shot for myself:

So, in this one video production, the three presenters received a video that showcases their presentation style.  They have a promotional video to promote this conference in the future.  One of the presenters will be able to work with her coach by using the video of her presentation. Plus, they all now have great head shots that they can use on their websites and in their promotional materials.

When we plan our video production with you, we will try to get as many birds as we can from each video production project.  In this way, video production can actually be the most affordable thing that you do to promote your business. Would you like to talk about how you can use video to grow your business? If so, give us a call today to schedule a time to meet, (336) 403-9273 or fill out our contact form.