How Can a Testimonial Video Help My Business?

Charlotte Video Production Company

For any business owner, it’s important to take your website visitors and convert them into new customers.  One sure way  of doing this is to have your satisfied customers talk about your wonderful products and services.  When used properly, these videos will make your website more visually appealing and more “sticky”.  Sticky refers to the length of time that a visitor spends on your website.

Here are 4 ways that a testimonial video can help your business:

1) Trust

We all need to trust the businesses that we hire.  We need to trust their skills, services and products.  Listening to your satisfied customers goes a long way in building that trust in your new customers.  There is something that connects with us all when we read the reviews of other customers, ask our friends about a business or better yet, watch a testimonial video on a business’s website.

2) More Exposure

In today’s social media world, visibility is so important to being viewed as a leader in your field.  An authentic testimonial video can attract lots of attention on Facebook and Twitter.  It’s this type of video that is easily shared with others which increasing your business’s exposure.

3) Highlight the Benefits of Your Business

Website visitors don’t want to read a bunch of text that tries to “sell” your product and services to them.  They are really looking for information.  How will this product benefit me?  How will it help resolve my need or issue?

This information is perfect to capture in the form of a testimonial video.  Your customers can talk about all the ways that your product helped them or how useful your service was.  It’s the ideal platform for communicating the benefits of your business to your prospective customers.

4) Overcome skepticism

We all have questions and concerns when we make a purchases with a new business.  Will the products be as they are described?  Will they stand behind their products?  Will their services deliver what they say?

A testimonial video can help new customers overcome their skepticism about your business.  It has the power to convince your visitors that your product or services really made a difference in your customer’s life and it can help them too!

Here is a testimonial video that we created for our own business.  We asked one of our clients, Redding Communication, to talk about what it was like to work with us.  This is what he said:

Does this video make you more comfortable with what we have to offer.  Does it overcome your skepticism about us as a video production company or help you to trust us to create a great video for your business? If so, we would love to hear from you.  Please give our Charlotte Video Production Company a call at (336) 403-9273 or fill out our contact form.