Hot off the Press: Lexington City Schools

Check out the new video that we just completed for the Lexington City Schools! It was such a pleasure to capture some of the wonderful characteristics of this amazing school system.  Mr. Kriesky, their superintendent, wanted a video to showcase the school system to others. His main goals for the video were to attract new families moving into the area, high quality employees and to showcase the school system at offsite events.  They also plan to use the video as part of their program to maintain a high level of pride within their schools.

We broke this project into four phases in order to address each specific goal for Lexington City Schools.  Read below to learn more about each phase:

Phase #1: Goals and Objectives

The first step in any project is meeting with their team to discuss their goals and objectives for this video. My main question for Lexington City Schools was “What do you want the viewer to understand about your school system after they finish the video?” We used the answers to this question to help develop the purpose behind the project. For this team, they wanted the viewer to be impressed by the quality of the education, the excellence of the staff, and the camaraderie of everyone involved in Lexington City Schools.

Phase #2: Timeline and Pre-Production

After our initial meeting, I was able to develop a detailed proposal, timeline and budget for the project. Once these details were settled, we began the pre-production phase.  This is where we identify the students, faculty, and parents who are going to be interview ed for the video. Once a decision has been made, we scheduled a shoot date and work out all of the details involved with scheduling.

For this project, we arrived early and got some footage of children getting off of the school buses. Later that morning, we set up our lights and camera for the morning interviews. We interviewed Mr. Kriesky and three students at 45 minute intervals. In The afternoon, we interviewed three parents and got some shots of children in the classroom. We came back for a second day of shooting where we interviewed three teachers and got some more footage of children participating in different activities. We came back for a 3rd time to record their high school graduation ceremony.

Phase #3: Editing

It is hard to believe but this is the phase where the real work of a video project begins. With beautiful footage and great interviews, we begin the process of building the story of the Lexington City Schools System. We approach this process using the following steps:

  1. Selection and Editing – After we have the interviews transcribed, we take them and spread them all out and start selecting different sections to be used in the video. We start these different sections and import them down into our editing program. From 3 1/2 hours of interviews, we start boiling it down into the most compelling parts. We start pulling put different quotes about similar topics. (For example, we have a section on the quality of the teachers. We read through all the interviews and pull the best quotes out.)
  2. Timeline – Once we import all of the best clips into our editing program, we start creating a timeline of the video. Typically we will have at least 10 minutes of clips that we will need to edit down to 4 minutes.
  3. Animation – Once the content is worked out in the timeline, the n we create the animated opening logo, create animated lower thirds (the person’s name and title), and start selecting the shots of the children that we will use in the video.
  4. Music and Rendering – Lastly, we will add a music track and render out the video. This means that we take the raw timeline with all the different elements and process them into an .mp4 file that we upload as a private video on YouTube.


Phase #4: Rough Cut

This is the final phase of a video production project. We send what we call the “rough cut” to our client as a YouTube link to their video for their review. We call it a rough cut because our clients have the chance to let us know what they think of the video and to ask us to make any changes to it. We were super excited when our main contact at Lexington City schools said “I don’t know what we were expecting but this video is absolutely terrific!” In our field, it is a good day when a client is completely happy with the first cut of a video project.

After any changes are made to the video, the video is finalized and decisions are made as to how the video will be used. For Mr. Kriesky, he wanted to show the video at a breakfast meeting with his staff before school started. Since he felt most comfortable using a DVD for this meeting, we created a DVD of his video project. This DVD is like any other DVD with a menu and a play button. The video was a huge hit at this meeting. We also created a file that will be used on their website and uploaded the video to their YouTube Channel.

One of the best things about working with our company is that the client owns all the footage that we record. We will be able to use this footage for all of their future video projects.

At the end of the day, our client has this wonderful video that they can use in all sorts of ways. They all really enjoyed working with us and had a lot of fun creating this video for Lexington City Schools. I can’t wait to see what they decide to do next!

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