Center for Creative Leadership: Promoting a Program through Web Video

We recently created a web video for the Center for Creative Leadership.  Check it out:

They have a scholarship program for leaders of non-profit organization from all over the country. The bring these leaders together for a 2 day conference on Leadership Fundamentals. Their goal of this video is to motivate corporations such as American Express to want to be one of the sponsors of this great program. They wanted this video to be an emotional one that really highlights how this program can impact their lives and potential thousands of lives. In order to create a video that met their needs, we interviewed 4 people after the first day and after the second day of the program. We talk to each person for about 20 minutes total for the 2 days. We then got different shots of the conference while it was going on. From there, we weaved together a video that gave my clients chills when she watched it. She said it was exactly what she was hoping it would be.

The beauty of this type of video is that the non-profits are talking in a natural and honest manner. They are truly speaking from the heart. This type of video is incredibly convincing in this type of market place. My client at the Center of Creative Leadership now has an outstanding tool to convince corporation to sponsor their scholarship program. This tool will be much more convincing than any written material that CCL could send them. This is a perfect example of the power of video!