Carolina Hearing Doctors

We had the privilege to work with Dr. Scott Mills with Carolina Hearing Doctors. Dr. Mills knew that he wanted some videos for his website and that he wanted some commercials. After meeting with Dr. Mills, we made a plan to create a total of 12 videos. He knew that he wanted a video on his homepage where potential patients could learn more about his practice.


He also wanted his new clients to get to know him and his partner audiologist, Dr. Anna Nichols, on a more personal note. Thus, we created a “Get To Know the Doctor” video for each of them.


As with any business, Dr. Mills knew it was important to have some client testimonial videos. He contacted a few of his patients about providing a video testimonial about their experiences with his practice. We traveled to their homes and spent 3 to 4 hours with them to record both their testimonial and some video clips of them in their home. For us, this was the best part of the project. We really enjoyed meeting his patients.






Dr. Mills also wanted some commercials for his practice. He decided that he wanted to create some 30 second commercials from the longer testimonial videos. He runs these commercials on local TV stations: