Are You Looking for Sponsors for Your Event?

Finding sponsors for a fundraising event can be a difficult task for any organization. Often times, you try to develop an incentive package to entice them to donate to your cause such as promoting their company during your event, putting their logo on banners and printed materials, mentioning them as a sponsor in any social media efforts, etc…

What if you could offer them a free video??

This is exactly what happened for the sponsors of the recent Piedmont Club’s Business Expo. As part of the incentive package, our video team offered to create a video for each company that sponsored the event. Needless to say, this offer was a big hit and helped attract really great sponsors for this fundraiser.

The plan was two fold. First, we wanted each business owner to describe their business. This part of the video would be all about promoting their company. Second, we wanted to end each video with the business owner talking about why they were sponsoring this event and what it meant to them. The goal was to edit together a 90 second video that the Business Expo Committee could use to promote the sponsor as well as promote the fundraising event.

As we were making plans to start shooting these videos, I thought “Wouldn’t it be great if we could make a video that each sponsor could use after the event?” All it would take would be a different ending to the video. Thus, we decided to create 2 versions of each video.

Here is the ending where the TCS is promoting the Expo:

Here is the new ending that allows TCS to use this video for their own business:

There was minimal cost involved with re-edting the video with a new ending but a big pay off for each sponsor. Now TCS has a great video that they can use on their own website and other video sharing sites to help educate potential customers about what they have to offer. Here is their video:

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