Apex Video Productions Creates a Music Video???

I got the strangest call this past Saturday. Peter Grzan, the general manager of the Piedmont Club, called me and said “Sarah, this is Peter from the Club. Would you be willing to make a Gangnam Style video for me?” I was wasn’t sure how to respond to him. First, it was Saturday morning and I was at Snacks with Santa with our 2 girls. Second, we don’t do music videos. Third, why in the world would Peter want to have a music video created? Fourth, what in the world was Gangnam style? So my answer to him was “Sure Peter, why not!” Apparently, I am one of the few people left in America who does not know what the Gangnam Style is. For those other few people like me, here is the Gangnam Style video link: http://bcove.me/khznd179

His grand plan was to shoot the video during the Piedmont Club’s Christmas Party. We had him sing the song in different places throughout the club. We had an absolute blast on this video shoot. Even though we have never done anything like this, it was so much fun to get everyone at the Club involved with the video shoot.

When I explained this project to my 23 year old editor, she look at me like I was crazy. She said, “You don’t know what the Gangnam style is?” I was trying to show her the actual Gangnam Style video so that she would know about it before editing Peter’s video. She informed me that she dressed up as a Gangnam Style girl for Halloween. Then, she look at me with a strange expression and said “Maybe it’s because you have kids. Maybe that’s why you don’t know about the Gangnam style.” She just couldn’t figure out how I had never heard about it. I felt so middle-aged sitting there with my 23 year old editor. I just had to laugh out loud about all of it. So, for a company who has only done corporate videos, here is our first music video:

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